Nazi Bear Memories 2

Apr 30 2009

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When it seemed that Simon had lost all hope, something amazing happened. He was in the process of organizing his closet when a box fell from the top shelf. The box burst open and he discovered a picture from his adolescence depicting a scene that he had long since forgotten.

Source: Cryptomundo

While fighting in Poland, Simon and his comrade became injured on the battlefield and were taken in and cared for by a Polish woman named Kamilia. Simon formed a close bond with Kamilia. She was like the mother he never had. Her compassion surprised him. He could not believe that she was caring for him, one of the enemies, one of the tyrants. This Polish woman was a strong factor in determining how Simon would later feel about the atrocities he committed during war time.

After staring at the photo for a long while, Simon came to a decision about his life. He could sit inside and sulk about what he had done, or he could go out into the world and make a difference, make up for his mistakes. Simon started living his life to the fullest, helping everyone that he could along the way.

Among many other heroic acts, Simon was later credited with saving this lady from drowning.

Source: MMOABC

In 1967, while visiting Yellow Stone National Park in the USA, Simon tried to save a man that had fallen into a hot spring. He saved the man, but in the process, Simon also fell into the hot spring and was boiled alive.

Simon Nazi Bear

1921 -1967

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  2. Anonymous says:

    That weener above me seems pretty desperate for someone to visit his stupid blog, what a jerk. Not sure that is a polish name but ill buy it. Hmmm being pretty negative today, perhaps ill try to make up for it now. Awesome post!

    — Twat Hammer

  3. Richard Bergeron says:

    Thank you sir. Yeah, I plan to ignore him. I searched the google web nets and found Kamilia on some Polish name site, so I figured it had to be real. THE GOOGLE WEB NETS NEVER LIES!

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