Jan 03 2012

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Hello loyal NJE followers. I have recently started a new multi-blog with a few friends called Unfortunately this means I will no longer be posting at, but you can still follow my blog under the Slorpis section at

Here I will be posting a weekly comic called Chub Soda as well as some similar content to this blog. You can also check out the other sections of including:

Vinyl Mystery Hour A podcast made by a friend, Abaum, currently living in China. The show mainly consists of interesting and often humorous stories and anecdotes augmented by obscure vinyl recordings and samplings of music by his band.

Metapause: The End of Creation Here you can find amazing collages, Superman fan fiction, and mind expanding music made by my friend Muhtick.

Snark Tark If you are looking for road bike reviews with a hint of snarkyness then look no further. A friend who posts as “The Snarkster” takes photos of bikes on the street that could be quality/nice bikes, if they had not been spoiled by their owner, and shares her thoughts on the these two wheeled tragedies. 

Transcendence of Cool This is where we all post stuff that we think is cool.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to see you at in the future.

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