Mexico Travel Adventures: Lucha Libre Guadalajara

Oct 26 2016

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Hello everyone,

I’m in Mexico. Sunday Night Raw in Guadalajara was great. The area around the Arena Coliseo seemed rather innocuous. Really close to a major highway, the area isn’t very developed but high traffic and open.¬†From the people warning me of danger and online descriptions, I imagined a maze through a shanty town, death at every corner.

Sunday night, in this case was the low night. May not always be that way but the fight card for Tuesday was more expensive to enter. I had no idea but if I had a choice, I’d have gone for Tuesday’s big show. Bigger show, bigger crowd.

The best part of Lucha Libre for me (everyone?) was the crowd-luchador interaction. An example of this special back and forth between the passionate audience and luchador can be heard around the 15 second mark. Also, big stomps and clotheslines. Music by Matek.

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