May 15 2012

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Muhtick: Anything seem odd to you?

Meghan: Your shirt.

Muhtick: What about it?

Meghan: Its scary.

Muhtick: How satisfied are you with the seams in your clothing?

Meghan: Not good, because the crotch of my leggings are, and my legs are, all wearing through cause they’re old.

Muhtick: Are cloth napkins in a public restaurant a good idea?

Meghan: No, well actually they could be because then they could just be washing them and there would be less garbage everywhere.

Muhtick: Do you like it when you go into a restaurant and there is a cloth napkin rather than a paper napkin?

Meghan: If its a casual place i find it out of place.

Muhtick: But once you are there and actually using it do you enjoy using the cloth napkin?

Meghan: No, I hate using cloth napkins.

Muhtick: How is the public treating you these days?

Meghan: The general public is treating me just fine, no complaints i guess.

Muhtick: Is private, personal or public?

Meghan: Private is now public cause everything private is on the internet. We throw everything up there.

Muhtick: How much personal credit should one have?

Meghan: As much as they deserve.

Muhtick: So they should have as much as they feel they deserve?

Meghan: No, as much as others feel they deserve.

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  1. the_snarkster the_snarkster says:

    I find the best way to keep private personal is to restrict internet activity to posts about bicycles.

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