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Apr 11 2013

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Alrighty folks, are you ready to be blown away by another craft project? We’ve already looked at how to make a vegetable oil candle. Now it’s time for beeswax! In mason jars! In case you didn’t know, mason jars are super hip. And you can do so many things with them! You can make mason jar soap dispensers, use them as mini blender containers, make mason jar pin cushions, or make mason jar candy pedestals. Who doesn’t need a super fugly candy pedestal in their life?? My personal favourite thing to do with mason jars is to store foodstuffs in them. But I digress, let’s get back to the topic of making beeswax candles in mason jars.

I’m super into beeswax candles because they create negative ions, which in turn create positive vibes. This is true. Google it. I found this amazing store near where I live called Wicks and Wax. They sell wicks, and they sell wax! They are also very friendly and helpful.  I got a couple bags of beeswax there, and also some HTP 83 wicks which were recommended for the beeswax.

I found an old pot and floated it on top of a wider pot of water. This worked pretty well. Melted the wax right up.

I prepped my jars. Put some wicks in there and supported them with chopsticks. Really high level stuff.

Then I poured in a little bit of wax into the bottom to secure the wick, and once secure I filled the jars the rest of the way with wax. Unlike paraffin wax, beeswax keeps its form pretty well and you don’t need to top it up once it’s hardened. It does shrink a tiny bit, but doesn’t form huge craters. Here they are just after being poured:

Pretty! They also give off a nice glow.
mason jar beeswax cnadle

Including the cost of the jars, the wax and the wick, each candle worked out to be less than 3 bux, which is super cheap for beeswax candles of this size. Once the candles are burned up, if you freeze them a few hours the wax will shrink and you can easily get the leftover wax out of the jar, and you can remelt it to make more candles. How thrifty!

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4 Responses to mason jar beeswax candles

  1. slippery pete says:

    Thrifty and nifty. I enjoy the smell of the candles quite a bit, that fat little bastard doing Yankee hauls could wise up already.

  2. the_snarkster the_snarkster says:

    i have a feeling that fat bastard is in his 20s now, and wised up long ago, but still longs for the days of yankee candle haul fame.

  3. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    I have one of these. It is the only candle in my home and it sits prominently displayed in the living room. I have yet to light it. Waiting for that special occasion.

  4. beaver box and other miscellaneous b words says:

    I too, have one of those candles! I enjoy it’s presence. I have yet to light it, but I will.

    Thank you.

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