Mar 28 2012

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Muhtick: How do you feel about taxes?

Larrybrains: I do not really enjoy doing taxes, but i do enjoy receiving tax returns.

Muhtick: What do you hate about doing taxes?

Larrybrains: Paying other people to do the taxes.

Muhtick: Taxman, that is a popular thing to hate?

Larrybrains: Yeah i think its pretty popular to hate the taxman. I guess if you are like someone who works for uh, whats it called, for tax can……, what is it called?

Muhtick: Uhhhhhh, yeah, tax Canada.

Larrybrains: Im pretty sure that’s not it, but im pretty sure that if you are somebody who goes and does audits on people, they’re not going to like you.

Muhtick: Do you hate the game?

Larrybrains: No, I dont hate the game, I hate the player.

Muhtick: Oh, well the was going to be my next question. How about the player? But we’ll just work around that. So you hate the game and you hate the player?

Larrybrains: No, I said i just hate the player.

Muhtick: Oh thats right, so you find nothing wrong with the game at all? What do you find inadequate about the game maybe?

Larrybrains: Just the fact that its a game , in itself. Id like to change my answer from earlier, the game does suck, as does the player.

Muhtick: What was the first movie you ever watched on a vhs player?

Larrybrains:Goonies. Probably goonies.

Muhtick: That was a cool movie, did you ever end up recording it, and having it on hand?

Larrybrains: No

Muhtick: Did you ever double VCR?

Larrybrains: No, I wasn’t into piracy back then.

Muhtick: Did your VHS have good mechanics?

Larrybrains: Don’t think so.

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3 Responses to LarryBrains

  1. francine says:

    funny. i hate taxes, the taxman, the game, the player, and VHS. I do not hate piracy.

  2. Spinach Eater- Argh-garg-garg-garg-garg-garg says:

    (Revenue Canada)


    (Canadian Revenue Agency)


  3. Luther Vandross says:

    The player must deal with much hatred. Sometimes I really feel for him. When I’m sad and lonely, I generally think about how none of my VCRs were ever featured in a collection which makes it worse but I did have a good brand which lifts me higher than I was before.

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