Aug 01 2012

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Muhtick: When was the last time you flipped someone the bird?

Larrybrains: I was working and i rode by some of my co-workers and decided to give them the double finger.

Muhtick: Double, nice.

Larrybrains: Yeah double bird. With like a face too, my signature, like my give you the finger kind-of face. Now that i think about it I was on a bike and i rode towards them with no hands, double fingers and i rode up to them and did like a big skid.

Muhtick: Did they just nod and start clapping?

Larrybrains: I think they were just like, oh, there’s Richard. I kicked the front bumper a couple times.

Muhtick: How is “bird” THEE word?

Larrybrains: I guess its the word in the sense that uhm that’s the word that they’re saying over and over in that song.

Muhtick: Do you think there is any significance to the word being used or could it have been any word?

Larrybrains: I think it just rhymes with word.

Muhtick: So anything that rhymed with word could have been the bird?

Larrybrains: They could have used like, curd.

Muhtick: Would you prefer curd?

Larrybrains: I think so.

Muhtick: Curd as in cheese curd?

Larrybrains: Yeah and then they just show a whole bunch of poutine in the music video.

Muhtick: Have you heard Thee Oh Sees?

Larrybrains: Yeah i have heard Thee Oh Sees, i like Thee Oh Sees.

Muhtick: To what have you said “Oh, I see”?

Larrybrains: Yesterday me and Anthony were on patrol and we were checking fishing licenses of these guys that were fishing. I overheard Anthony say something like, he said, when he got the guys fishing license, he asked for the guys name to see if it collaborated with what he was reading on the fishing license, and the guy said his name was Ian something. And Anthony says, oh, this first letter here doesn’t look like an “E”. And the guy says, ‘ya, cause my name is Ian, I, A, N’. Anthony is like, oh, ok. So i question Anthony about it later and he explain he often goes with the phonetics of it. And i replied, ‘Oh, I see’.

Muhtick: Did Right Said Fred speak correctly?

Larrybrains: Im not sure what Right Fred Said is. Is that a song?

Muhtick: I think he’s the im too sexy for my shirt guy.

Larrybrains: If that’s the case then i don’t think he did speak correctly.

Muhtick: What have you heard animals speak?

Larrybrains: Theres a certain kind of owl that says Whooooo Cooooks For Youuuuuuuu.

Muhtick: And you heard that one?

Larrybrains: Oh, actually, I haven’t.

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  1. francine says:

    barred owl!

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