Israeli Boat Ride

Apr 21 2009

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This photo first appeared on an Israeli travel website in their Israel photo gallery. When I look at this photo, it raises so many questions in my mind. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a photo of two men, whom I have named Akim and Gil, going on a boat ride. A closer look reveals that one of the men, despite his masculine physique, may not be a man due to the fact that he or she is wearing a two piece bathing suit. So I now have to conclude that the person at the front of the boat is a woman, as the only other possible explanation is that Gil has large unsightly man boobs, which is much less likely. I have a feeling that man boobs are not normally associated with fit men.

Both Akim and Gil are required to stand for the duration of their trip as the boat has no seats. It also has no fishing gear or diving gear, it really has nothing in it at all. What exactly are Akim and Gil up to? Probably just a harmless boat ride, but why the giant anchor? Maybe they plan to drag it along the bottom to retrieve jewels and whatnot. I do love how they have a giant old school anchor for a tiny boat though. The anchor is so huge, that Gil is required to hold it up front because there is no room for the anchor in the boat. The way Gil holds the anchor makes her look really badass, like at any moment she might start swinging it above her head while approaching Akim in an aggressive manner. I doubt Gil would do such a thing though, because she and Akim go all the way back to when she was a he.

Whoever these two sea adventurers are, and whatever their intentions may be, they are most definitely the raddest dudes alive.

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5 Responses to Israeli Boat Ride

  1. Anonymous says:

    What about the possibility of the rear guy being a lady tanning her nips? In the center of the horizon i see some sort of gray blip, perhaps they are going there to scale some sort of wall and rape and pillage the occupants on the other side, pirate attacks have been in the news lately, perhaps these are copy cat pirates?

    –Phillipe Anchovious

  2. Richard Bergeron says:

    The anchor most definitely could be a grappling hook. It is entirely possible that these are poorly funded unorganized Israeli pirates.

  3. Once A Fortnight says:

    You know you may have made a momentous link to a lost culture of Amazon women who as I understand it were very tall and muscular and originated in a far flung corner of the Greek Empire. And I also understand that a popular Internet marketing site was named after them so there may be royalties at stake here. I suggest you track down the said Amazon woman, captivate her with your obvious masculine charms and then divorce her and take 50% of everything!

  4. Richard Bergeron says:

    Good idea. I’m on it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The boat is half full of water. Only a short trip as they are sinking!!

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