Heavy Weights

May 28 2013

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Good evening, everyone.

I trust you’re doing well. Here we have the latest in a saga of radio plays. Remember, listener submissions are always welcome.

This riveting tale of romance and bodybuilding brings us into the heart of the soulless box that is the gym, a place to vacate and submit to endless routine.

As we all know, lifting weights for no man, so let’s join our hero…

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3 Responses to Heavy Weights

  1. slippery pete says:

    I wonder how many successful relationships have been formed within the confines of a glass-wallpapered gym. Would the home of the couple be filled with constant arguments over mirror access within the bathroom?

  2. the_snarkster the_snarkster says:

    this is a great story, and wonderfully narrated.

  3. Jam Jam says:

    I got right into this story. Very well done all around.

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