Harper Goes for a Stroll

Apr 19 2012

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7 Responses to Harper Goes for a Stroll

  1. Slippery Pete says:

    What a good natured and pleasant man.

  2. Luther Vandross says:

    Did he made sweet love to the woman in the first frame? She seems to be responding well to his advances.

    • No, but even if she had, he would have just cracked open her skull with his hammer teeth and sucked her brains out leaving her a lifeless corpse. That is what male Harpers do during mating.

      Fortunately, the female Harpers on the planet Harpernia have a special diamond encrusted skull to stop male Harpers from penetrating it during mating.

  3. tootiredtogotobed says:

    even if he were the last man on this planet, i would not let him chuck it in my cooter.

    cooter. find that word extremely funny lately. been using it as much as possible at work, my personal world.

    cooter. but if we were talking about certain peoples, i’d be more forthright and just say it; cunt.

  4. Muhtick says:

    Oh, tootiredtogotobed.

  5. Slippery Pete says:

    oh my lanta!

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