Hanging On

May 09 2012

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Larrybrains: Mr Moonschutz!

Snarkster: I seem to be indefinitely avoiding my entrance into the ‘real world,’ which would suggest that I am hanging on to an ‘unreal world.’
Is this world really that unreal? I learned last night that out in the real world, my supervisor is making $132,190/year. If that is reality, then count me in!

ABaum: I couldn’t believe it when I smashed that rock. I thought it was any ordinary rock…but there it was! The dragon frog mask. The mask was mine and they couldn’t have it. I heard the footsteps approaching. What could I do but smuggle it in the only place that ever works. I jammed the mask into my underwear, looking for some escape route. I rushed out to the turret, if I could jump from one gargoyle to the next…my footing failed, I landed square in the nuts. The dragon frog mask broke in two pieces… Why must we always destroy that which we love?

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2 Responses to Hanging On

  1. francine says:

    That is a very cool image, but you all sound like a bunch of kooks!

  2. Luther Vandross says:

    48k in the pseudoworld is pretty sweet but I’d imagine that 132k would be quite lovely in the real world. Does MTV provide that? ooooooooooh

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