Sep 13 2012

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Muhtick: What was the last movie you watched?

Greg:The whole way through?

Muhtick:Ya, the whole way through.

Greg: I watched the quest for fire the other day.

Muhtick: Whats that one about?

Greg: Its like cave men who are on a quest for fire, its got Ron Perlman, kind of looks like a cave man to begin with.

Muhtick: Who was your favorite Watchman?

Greg: Uhhhhhhh…..

Muhtick: Did you have a favorite, did you like any of them?

Greg: Rorschach is dope but hes kind of annoying too.

Muhtick: What did you like and what did you dislike about Rorschach.

Greg: Uhhhh…. I don’t know, next question.

Muhtick: What emotional reaction do you experience most frequently when you
hear someone call someone else “man”.

Greg: Probably expectation cause its probably me saying it, like I’m expecting a response.

Muhtick: Do you remember the last time you called someone collect?

Greg: No

Muhtick: When was the last time you used a payphone, do you remember?

Greg: No I dont.

MUhtick: What is the socially acceptable amount of money to leave in a collection basket at church?

Greg: I have no idea, I have never….

Muhtick: Well what would you presume it to be.

Greg: I think people are dropping about 20 bucks, 10 bucks.

Muhtick: How low do you think you can go before people there give you the stink eye?

Greg: Well if you bring an envelope you can just leave an empty envelope.

Muhtick: Baskin Robins or Churchs Chciken?

Greg: Ive never been to Churchs Chicken.

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4 Responses to Greg

  1. Quest for fire is great! Payphones suck! People leaving 20 dollars in donation baskets at church should just give that money to me. It will be wasted either way.

  2. francine says:

    My mom used to leave $20 every week. That is a lot of dough. I don’t know what she leaves now, but if it is still $20, then man, that catholic guilt really does something to a person. I am glad to report that I have successfully gotten over my own catholic guilt and would never drop that much dough in a basket!

  3. ABaum says:

    I would donate a loonie or toonie for allowing a place for me to sit and relax, possibly nap and sing for a few hours. Singing is fun.

  4. roboticvoiceinsertedheeeeeeere says:

    i enjoy the interviews. i heard greg’s voice in my head while reading it.

    20 buck-a-roonies seems like a lot of money to give per week. what is the watchmen? the last movie i saw was the expendables 2. pretty awesome to be honest. had a lot of good laughs, especially at stone’s vagina-face facial hair do he had going on. it just didn’t look good. at all.

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