Jul 06 2013

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3 Responses to Goner

  1. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    This was pretty creepy. Sometimes when I am out and I don’t see people for a while, I like to think it is an abandoned city after some kind of apocalypse or unexplained mysterious event. We are the same!

  2. Luther Vandross says:

    Damn, dudes. That was creepatin to the max. I really like the dialogue. It has such a natural flow. Music fits, expands and I enjoy how the camera work breeds frustration while limiting my view and perhaps safety at not having to see what is coming next, like hiding my eyes at a scary part. The part about shadows is very cute and enjoyable in a laughter sort of way.

  3. lazy says:

    8 hours walk? It’s unhealthy.

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