Sep 14 2012

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Larrybrains: Gold can be found at the end of the rainbow and it’s not too far as the crow flies. Unfortunately you will not be flying, so be sure to bring one of the following informative local guides.

Snarkster: While a golden colour can be very well suited to the plumage and beaks of a variety of bird species, gold adornments on humans are always tacky and make the individual look ridiculous. Many humans have not realized this, and mistakenly place a high value on the metal, which would otherwise have little inherent worth. Humans go to great lengths to acquire gold, which must be mined from the earth. The consequences of such gold mining include environmental damage, water pollution, poisoning of wildlife and humans, and risks to the health and survival of the miners.

ABaum: It would seem that grills are the new sticks.

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2 Responses to GOLD GOLD GOLD – A Pamphlet

  1. ABaum says:

    Isn’t there a song called Quest for Gold or something like it and is featured in a scene in the Big Lebowski. I believe it’s when you first see the naked girl flung up by the blanket at the porn guy’s house. I love that scene.

  2. slippery Pete says:

    I love the scene right around there when porn guy writes something on the pad of paper and dude goes to investigate only to find out the porn guy was doodling a crude drawing.

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