Girl Getting Annoyed Because She Can’t Sing The Right Notes

Dec 04 2010

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This video makes me laugh every time I watch it.

It is based off of another video in which a deranged girl tries to sing “I will always love you” and it’s somewhat disturbing and cringe worthy. Take a look.

I have trouble watching it all the way through. The cartoon version is much better.

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6 Responses to Girl Getting Annoyed Because She Can’t Sing The Right Notes

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have never hated anyone more with less cause. I dont know why but i feel this girl will grow up to be an awful person to know in real life.

    — Her Mother

  2. Neon Jello Evangelist says:

    As her mother, you should spend more time with your daughter and maybe she wouldn't be so crazy. Instead you go gallivanting around town offering free sex to hobos. You and your daughter are deplorable human beings.

    –Her Father

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stey the FUCK out of this Francis! Shes like this because of your "midnight excursions". Im not the only one that finds yoru behaviour deplorable.

    — The Woman Who Owns Your Balls

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh my Gaaawd! WTF are you guys doing to my life! I tried to sing that for you so that maybe the midnight adventures would stop and you guys would find a renewed interest in eachother. GAH, your both so incredibly random!

    — The Fat Tone Def Girl You Call Daughter

  5. Anonymous says:

    See what you have done to her? She says words that don't exist. Gaaawd? WTF? What do those even mean? She's insane and it's all your fault. I hope you burn in hell you witch skank!

    — Her Father

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sir, Madame, I m afraid i must remove your "daughter" from your custody. She is much too annoying for the general population to bare anymore. You can pick up her remains after she has been liquefied.

    — The Police

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