Garden of Eden

Jun 29 2012

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Snarkster: lots of ferns and luscious fruit trees shading a patch of grass

ABaum: Large trees sway in the breeze. A constant, refreshing breeze, unlike the blast of a dryer vent in the heart of summer, tickles at my face. I see, shrouded in mist, a beautiful woman. She comes to me and desires a big juicy load in the face. Okay. You may have that big juicy load. Oh my and what a load it is. I stop to admire the load for just long enough to engage my erection once again. This load is even juicier. Oh how pleasant. There’s a refreshing pond to wash up in. I don’t swim in it, though. Too much load to bear.

Larrybrains: There is a desert and in the middle of the desert is an area around the size of one city square block. The block has a rusty low fence around the perimeter. Inside is a lush tropical garden. Adam is hanging out in the middle of the garden leaning up against a tree with a fig leaf covering his junk. Eve is doing the same not too far away. They both look dumb and statuesque.

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2 Responses to Garden of Eden

  1. francine says:

    that is a pretty cool collage. interesting that abaum sees himself in the garden, and larrybrains sees adam in teh garden.

  2. Jammy Teets says:

    what if…..what if abaum is the first man on earth????????????????????? What then?

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