Gaming Reality

May 29 2009

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I have been a gamer for quite a while now. I remember the first gaming system I had was a keyboard thing that plugged into a cassette tape player thing that plugged into the TV. It looked something like this piece of garbage.

Source: Giant Bomb

It was fun. After that, I remember all my friends getting the new raddest gaming system, and me sitting in my living room with my cassette tapes. So of course I went to their houses and played a lot of Beastmaster and Mario Bros while eating excessive amounts of sugar. Anyway, my gaming progressed from nintendo and sega consoles to PC gaming. THE ULTIMATE GAMING EXPERIENCE. I think one of the first games I played on my own PC gaming system was Redneck Dear Hunter and maaaaaaaaaan was it ever awful. Shortly after, along came one of the greatest games ever made, Half-life. This game, and for the most part, all of the spinoffs and sequels have been my rock of gaming. The Half-life world that the developer, Valve, has created is so vast and immersive and simply amazing. I love it. So when I see things like the following, and I am sure others who grew up on Half-life get the same feeling, I get an overwhelming sense of elation.

Source: Geek Wars

Source: Flickr

Source: Bitgravity

Source: Photobucket

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2 Responses to Gaming Reality

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gawd i cant believe you had one of those tape computers. I remember i used to go over to this house that had a fat reatarded kid witha computer in it. I would go hang out in his room and watch him play his tape keyboard games which he would NEVER EVER let me touch. I think he had a sister named mandy….not sure what i was doing it, ah youth.

    — Heady Lamar

  2. Anonymous says:

    The last photo where the coffee is going into one partal and umping out the other is bullshit. The first portal has a distance of lets say 1cm from where the water is pouring out of the pitcher. Then in the other portal it seems to be leaping about 4x that height into the air. This picture violates energy conservation and is stupid.

    — profesor mgh

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