Diary of an Unemployed Guy: Entry #1

Sep 11 2012

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Park rangering is done for the season so I am now transitioning into unemployed life. I woke up too early today. I find it is best to wake up late, that way you sleep during the time everyone else is at work. The rear window of my apartment looks over the parking lot and a two level open sided parking garage adjoined to the adjacent building. I was sitting in my computer chair, pondering a new grocery store smart phone app, when I noticed a lady on the top level of the parking garage. There was also one of those small yappy scotty dogs running around up there dragging its leash behind it. The lady was standing at the rail looking up at her apartment and then suddenly she tossed a large blue watering can up towards the top balcony. The can flew up and hit the railing of the balcony and then fell down to the ground below the bottom level of the parking garage. I watched as she tracked the trajectory of the watering can and leaned over the rail to see it fall into the ditch and pile of junk next to the parking garage. She looked at it for a few seconds, and then walked to her car and grabbed the rest of the groceries out of it and yelled at her dog. I am guessing that she just purchased this watering can on her grocery trip and thought, “I can just toss this thing up there and then I can do this all in one trip.” Boy was she ever wrong. I laughed for quite some time at this. Most definitely the highlight of my day.

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2 Responses to Diary of an Unemployed Guy: Entry #1

  1. slippery Pete says:

    Funny story. Perhaps the grocery app would have helped her?

  2. ABaum says:

    Women can never do sports. That includes grocery toss.

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