Diary of a Park Ranger: Guest Entry

Aug 12 2012

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Dear Diary,

Why must technology be so difficult? Can’t the office computers see when fists are shaken at them in anger and stop their freezing nonsense so I can get some work done? Also, why does the crypt keeper insist on asking me for computer assistance, as if I am anymore knowledgeable than she? I wouldn’t even need use of the computers if people were literate.

Regardless of the number of signs offering instruction, visitors consistently fail to read them, thus neglecting to pay the fare for entering our beautiful park and requiring a written reprisal. These reprisals, or tickets if you so wish, are far too much trouble for just a simple parking infraction. Photographs must be submitted, written copies both faxed and mailed, and quality time spent with the viciously problematic fax machine and computer. Common citizens even have the gaff to complain rudely about how of course it’s our fault they failed to spy the many warning signs. Oh dear me, when will people accept the wrong they have committed and leave us to our devices. Blasphemy!

Written by: C. K.

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4 Responses to Diary of a Park Ranger: Guest Entry

  1. francine says:

    omg i just wrote the best comment and then sbumitted it, but i had read the captcha as being 3-9 rather than 3+9, and it told me to go back on my browser b/c i got the captcha wrong, and when i did, my entire comment was GONE! this is bullshit. usually if you get the captcha wrong your info is till in tact. please find a better commenting program as if you don’t i might go into a rage fit! if you don’t i will charge you with discrimination of the visually impaired

  2. Magic Face says:

    Just did a test. Purposely got the captcha wrong and pressed back and my comment was saved and ready to repost. What browser are you using?

  3. Slippery Pete says:

    I usually dont read signs. But thats so i can get stuff for free and have conscious deniability.

  4. E flat petatonic minor melodic harmonic scale says:

    i agree with the post above.

    also, i cannot get into one of my email accounts anymore. gd-md hotmail!

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