Diary of a Park Ranger: Entry #3

Jul 08 2012

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Dear Diary,

Here I am at the gate again. Murray has just left me here to fend for myself. Sometimes I like to imagine that we are living in a post apocalyptic world and the park is a sort of last hope safe haven.  I am the gate keeper and only those who have paid their weight in precious scarce commodities may enter. “Give me all your salt”, I say. If they don’t have salt, I request gasoline, water or food. If they don’t have any of that, entry denied!

Just let a car full of girls through the gate. I saw them come through last night and recognized them this evening, yet for some reason I still checked to see if they were on the campers list. I said “Oh, you came through last night. Let me just see if you are still on the list”. The girl driving laughed a bit and the laughter slowly faded as she realized I was actually checking the list again. As they drove away, I saw her roll her eyes. Deservedly so I suppose.  I should have charged them double salt for entry.  Freeloaders!

The newspaper on the desk is around 3 weeks old. One of the headlines on the front page reads “Unhappy Campers”.  How very fitting and coincidental.

I was doing a foot patrol on the beach by myself a few days ago. It was a scorcher so my forehead was sweating profusely, as usual, and hordes of beach goers were not really acknowledging me all too much. I guess they were too busy enjoying their fun in the sun. As I walked my lonely walk, along the edge of the grassed area just before it turns into course sand, I noticed a child around the age of 10 sitting backwards on a bench beside the beach. He looked like he was all alone, but he was smiling at me with great admiration. As I walked by, he reached out his hand, made a fist and held it toward me. I did the same, and we fist bumped. No words were spoken. None had to be. We had a mutual understanding of sorts. It was cool.

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3 Responses to Diary of a Park Ranger: Entry #3

  1. Slippery Pete says:

    You have just fist bumped a new ranger initiate, congrats. Sounds like there is a lot of time to think at the gate, sounds nice, although i may be romanticizing.

  2. urfriendlolz says:

    I liked the story. *fistpump*

  3. francine says:

    Sounds like the child has not yet learned to have a distaste for authority, if only he knew that in 10 years you might be pouring his beer out, or worse, double checking his name at the gate. It does sound like a lonely walk.

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