DGKITC: Episode 4

Jan 19 2012

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2 Responses to DGKITC: Episode 4

  1. Slipper Pete says:

    Debbie has many suitors.

  2. lamyamyamy says:

    I totally stole your idea today. Was working with Brandon today. Brandon basically talks about how everything is fucking stupid and not worth doing and lame, etc. lazy effer even had me work outside in the minus 30 while he operated our zoom boom for most if the morning – basically he stayed warm most of the day while I did not.

    Anywho, that was a little background to this piece of work. he started to complain about some ‘dumb bitch’ he encountered a few days earlier, trying to get me going with the words he was using. So’s I walked up to him, got all up in his face all big like and asked “so did you kick that bitch in the cunt?”

    He was speechless. I won.

    Thank(s to) you.

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