Apr 12 2012

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Muhtick: Who was the nicest black person you have ever met?

Dan: I think the nicest black person i have ever met was a guy who worked at Johns Place. He was the host. Older guy.

Muhtick: What did you like about him?

Dan: I dont know he was just really formal, and just very welcoming.

Muhtick: When has a white person ever made you feel bad?

Dan: Probably just every day routine, cause victoria is full of white people.

Muhtick: Any particular events come to mind?

Dan: I remember being pissed off maybe a week ago with this guy that uh hit my car cause it was busy traffic time, and i was turning, he was crossing, and he gets pissed off, doesn’t say anything and knocks on my spoiler on the back of my car.

Muhtick: Is chess a racial struggle?

Dan: I dont think so, no. Its a game based on ability and its not racial.

Muhtick: Do you have a favorite chess piece? Whats your favorite chess piece?

Dan: By its function or the way it looks?

Muhtick: Uh, choose, it doesn’t matter.

Dan: I like the the knight for the way it looks but the queen for the way it moves.

Muhtick: Yeah the queen is like, super charged eh?

Dan: Mhm.

Muhtick: Have you ever ridden a horse?

Dan: Yup.

Muhtick: When did you ride a horse?

Dan: A long time a go, i was a kid. It was at a farm. I jumped on a horse and i was like ok, im just gonna walk the horse and the guy like fucken smacked the horse and it fucken took off. I got freaked out and jumped right off.

Muhtick: Yeah totally, was it like a big horse?

Dan: Yeah.

Muhtick: What would you buy for a buck?

Dan: Id buy probably a coke.

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4 Responses to Dan

  1. Great interview. I also rode a horse as a child and had a similar experience. I wonder if most people’s experience with riding horses is limited to childhood. Someone needs to do a study on this.

  2. francine says:

    Yes another great interview. When I was a child we were at a friend’s place riding their horses, and their children had climbed a tree with one of those black corrugated hoses with an orange strip up the side. The horse saw the hose, freaked out, bucked me off, I landed on my back on the horse shit covered ground and almost got trampled in the process. AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaand that is the last time I rode a horse!

  3. Luther Vandross says:

    As a young man, I too was launched unceremoniously from the back of a horse. This caused me not to want to ride a horse again…which seems lame. Horses are scary but they’re pretty kick ass. Just think about all the people who have been affected by horses! I can think of 4 off the top of my head.

  4. Slippery Pete says:

    I also rode a horse when i was a kid, and stayed on, but it was lame for different reasons. We were restricted to slow trots through trails the horse has to walk several times a day, and hence no real horse control was at play. I would say i didn’t do so much “horse riding” as “horse sitting”.

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