Cucumber Contest Winners

Oct 15 2010

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A few weeks ago (maybe months) I requested that all good blog readers eat a cucumber whole and take a pic of it. After sifting through thousands if not all of 2 submissions, I have carefully selected the winners. It was a tough choice but 1st place goes to Cuke Fella submitted by this dude I know:

Congratulations dude I know on your win. 

Coming in at a close second is P1060545 submitted by this girl I know:
Congrats to you girl I know. 

Since I only received two photos, there is no third place. Both dude I know and girl I know will be receiving gifts in the form of many many dollars for their wins. I bet you wish you submitted a photo now unnamed 3rd place winner that does not exist. The contest is now closed. Tune in next week for a post on topics ranging from tuna fish and salamander pants to solid bricks and haunted knees!
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5 Responses to Cucumber Contest Winners

  1. girl you know says:

    I can't believe I came in second! This is WHACK. I shoulda won fo sho!!!!!!

  2. Neon Jello Evangelist says:

    Like I said, it was a tough choice. I spent days upon days pondering over who should win. I'm sorry that you feel that "this is WHACK." In an ideal world, everyone would win!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think you made a very smart and rational choice, really the only choice that makes any sense at all. I feel that the winning cucumber picture speaks to the cucumber in us all, and maybe, just maybe it is saying that "hey, i know your kinda down right now, but it could be cucumber time just around the corner."

    –Impartial Third Party

  4. Anonymous says:

    In an ideal world everyone would win? That sounds like a terrible ideal, how would i know who is crappier than me?

    –Graceful Winner

  5. sahuri says:

    The pictures very entertaining, nice article

    I am from Indonesian

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