Crap on a stick!

Dec 03 2010

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1. Crap

Here is some crap in a pile found on the neigbors lawn. It is some quite nice looking crap i must say. If you were to pick it up you would most surely need a pair of gloves or possibly a stick.

2. A stick

Here is a nice stick and it is totally great. Look at its sleek features and rudimentary design. I believe it belongs to Jessica. I think it is the finest stick I have ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes upon, and it most surely would be perfect for putting crap on.

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6 Responses to Crap on a stick!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit that post made me crap my pants!

    –Poo Bear

  2. Neon Jello Evangelist says:

    Quick! Get a stick!

  3. who needs a stick when you have a bag? says:

    i think another common method of picking up poop is to put an inverted plastic bag over your hand, grab the poop, then revert the bag to encase the poop. it is a classic technique, and for a good reason – it works!!

  4. Neon Jello Evangelist says:

    This is true. I prefer the stick method as it positions the crap further away from my body while carrying it.

  5. a concerned neighbour says:

    What kind of deplorable neighbourhood do you live in that such excrement could be found on the lawn!?! I recently heard about the poo prints program on a recent episode of "This American Life" with my idol, Ira Glass, and I firmly believe it is something that the entire country should subscribe to, in order to prevent such atrocities as those evidenced by your first photograph. Check it out

  6. Neon Jello Evangelist says:

    Winnipeg. Ever wonder what happened to all the white dog poo of the 90's?

    This is pretty intense. Using genetics to identify people who don't pick up their dog's poo and then singling them out in a community and fining them if they don't comply. I guess it works, but sounds kind of overboard to me.

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