Jun 04 2012

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Muhtick: How much would you want to pay for a new pair of pants?

Christina: 40 bucks max.

Muhtick: Is that for the best pair of pants price, how much would you pay for pant pleasure?

Christina: Is it just like, orgasmic, its still under a hundred there’s no way i would go over that, that seems crazy.

Muhtick: What is a good value?

Christina: Something that doesn’t frighten me when im spending the money and while im signing my signautre im not like, oh my god this is retarded and i might have to return it later.

Muhtick: Is Value Village safe?

Christina: Yeah, except bed bugs, you might want to wash the shit that you buy.

Muhtick: What is the difference between a village and a town?

Christina: One has a mayor.

Muhtick: So the town has a mayor?

Christina: Yes.

Muhtick: And what does the village have?

Christina: Chiefs or like the oldest person there.

Muhtick: 20 – 20 or -20 + 20 ?

Christina: -20 + 20.

Muhtick: Hows your eyesight?

Christina: Terrible, i cant see like past a foot in front of me.

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7 Responses to Christina

  1. francine says:

    Best pair of pants price is a riveting topic. I aim to pay about $30 for a pair of pants, but if I was rich, I’d probably pay up to $2000.

    • GMAW is as awesome as it sounds says:

      you’d pay up to $30 for pants but have tried to convince me to pay $400 for a jacket. I sense a major discrepancy, unless you have since changed your fashionable ways.

      • francine says:

        Did you just completely miss the second part of that sentence? The part about $2000? How much I’m willing to pay is scaled to what I am able to pay. I am currently very poor. If I had the means, I would always be willing to pay more for something that was well designed, and well constructed out of quality materials by someone who is working in ethical conditions.

        • Slippery Pete says:

          At this point id like to interject into the discussion and say that i would pay substantially for pants but not for a jacket.

  2. Slippery Pete says:

    The most i have paid for pants was probably around 300, but that was for specialty pants. The pants were very special at being waterproof and looking stylish while snowboarding.

  3. Luther Vandross says:

    Recently I spent 50 dollars on pants. I’m wearing them right now. They are grey and suitable for both business and pleasure.

  4. GMAW is as awesome as it sounds says:

    I’ve paid 200 for pants. That might have been at the nudging of the Snarkster and after probably like 10 – 15 pairs tried on.

    I’ll pay $$ for work pants though. Seems silly but after determining cheaper pants will get destroyed in no time, I’d rather pay the money for durable (potentially insulated depending on the weather) and more fire/spark proof pants. It isn’t fun to repeatedly burn yourself.

    I like cheaper pants but I tend to run about 60 – 100 average.

    other than that, I’ve made an amazing beef barley soup in the last week. thing is I didn’t realize how much liquid barley will take on. The ration was 7-8 cups of liquid to 1 cup of barley. That shit soaked everything up!

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