Burmese Blunts

May 15 2014

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The cheroot, possibly the greatest name for a smokable substance perhaps second to the bidi. A permanent fixture in Myanmar. The Myanma men seem to prefer cigarettes over cheroots but search around the internet and you’ll see badass pictures of older women putting Snoop Dogg to shame with these lovely creations. The factory precision of this woman is shocking. The smoke itself is surprisingly flavourful and a little sweet. It consists of leaf and woody bits from the root of the plant. Apparently it’s used to freshen the mouth…not surprising in a country of dental disaster due to the glorious betel nut.

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2 Responses to Burmese Blunts

  1. Muhtick says:

    What sort of effects did you experience while smoking, was there a nice head-rush? Her gestures are as impressive as in the last video, but i feel she does less flair. I prefer the non flair, as its probably faster. No precious micro seconds lost between me deciding i want to smoke a giant cigarette and that giant cigarette nestling in my mouth.

  2. ABaum says:

    The head rush isn’t so crazy. I find them to be much milder than most tobacco I have encountered. A more refined smoke than the stuff they were selling in Northern Thailand. This woman is definitely more of a factory. I think the other woman’s flair comes more from the need for liquid control combined with a little more emphasis to make for a less boring morning. I figure she could stand to make 15 bucks an hour at the wage I was giving her. Not too shabby.

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