Brown Town

Apr 17 2012

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Larrybrains: One time I was gravely ill after eating at a Harveys in the Calgary airport. I was shitting every 30 min and then later the barfing started in every 30 min or so as well. During one such barf, I also had to shit. The force of the barfing caused my sphincter to open and blast liquidy poop into my pants. A full load.

ABaum: Just the other day, my ladyfriend and I were at war. A war of urgent pooping. I stood outside the bathroom straining, one leg crossed over the other as what felt like warm chocolate toothpaste slid out my bottom. The mind plays tricks and all this was just a warning of what could be. “Use the shower!” She screamed as she dealt with a rather monstrous turd herself. It crossed my mind but the thought of jamming poop down the drain didn’t sit well. In the end, the bathroom vacated as did I. Classily.

Snarkster: We had just had Vietnamese food for lunch. On the way home, I could feel my stomach rumbling. It was time to get to a bathroom and quick! I made it to the toilet, and took a big stomach twisting poop. I was feeling ok. Then my boyfriend had too crap. While he’s in the shitter, I start getting the sensation of round two of number two. Oh god. Oh man. I start knocking on the bathroom door but he’s still mid-shit. Oh man this is not good. Oh god I’m going to shit my pants. No no no no no no no. Aggggh, yes, it happened. My underwear filled with runny excrement. I waited for my boyfriend to finish and then went to go dump the contents of my underwear into the toilet while feeling intense shame. And now I’m putting this story on the internet for all to enjoy.

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4 Responses to Brown Town

  1. francine says:

    What’s with all these adults pooping or almost pooping their pants? Embarrassing.

  2. I think we will all almost shit or fully shit our pants again at some point too! Probably many more times actually.

  3. ABaum says:

    Now I suppose all who have had their bikes snarked can rest in peace knowing that she hath shat her pants.

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