Brain Swarm

Oct 15 2012

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Snarkster: My brain is buzzing! it is filled with thoughts of birds and PBDEs and theses and presentations. Also it sometimes manage to squeeze in thoughts of someone super cute in frog pajamas.
ABaum: Recently, it’s been getting better. You know, use it or lose it. I’ve been using it. The other night it crashed, however. Cold sweat, blackness and an upper lip massage.
Larrybrains: It’s a sort of cloudy befuddled mess of mush and goo mashed into a bowl that, left out in the elements too long, will spoil.

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2 Responses to Brain Swarm

  1. francine says:

    I like this collage! Makes me think about fish eggs and brains. Two of my favourite things.

  2. ABaum says:

    Fan-bzzzzzz-tic! Who would have bee that there would have been two hives in the same honeycomb?!!!!!!

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