Bird Beast Saga: Episode 2

May 25 2009

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Previously in the Bird Beast Saga: Chad Worthing drove to work one morning and witnessed a few bizarre incidents along the way, an injured woman and a man holding up a severed head of an unidentifiable beast. He arrived at his workplace, Medstock, and proceeded to the gym on the 5th floor. As he comes through the door to the gym, he witnesses a giant beast type thing terrorizing the people in the gym.

Chad can not believe his eyes. The beast before him is something that, until now, he thought only existed in fictional worlds. For a number of seconds, Chad was paralyzed with fear. His mind raced trying to find an explanation for what he was witnessing, but nothing to his knowledge would suffice. Just from the look of the beast, he quickly decided that it was not in his favor to remain in its company. He forced himself to overcome his paralyzation and darted back through the door he just came through. He ran down the hallway toward the elevator as fast as his scrawny legs would take him. When he got to the elevator door, the elevator was currently 11 floors up. It was too long to wait he thought and started making his way to the stairway. Suddenly he started hearing what he thought was gun shots. He looked back over his shoulder as he ran and saw the beast barreling down the hallway toward him popping the celebration ballons with its sharp talons as it flailed along. Chad bursted through the door to the stairwell and locked it behind him. His heart was pounding as he clumsily galloped down the stairs to the first floor. He sprinted through the lobby of the Medstock building and burst out the front door onto the street. It seemed as though he had lost the beast for now. He rounded the corner of the building to get to his car that he had parked around back, and this is what he stumbled upon.

He stopped in his tracks. This bird beast looked to be much smaller than the last one, he thought, maybe this was a baby. He then realized if there is more than one of these things, his family could also be in danger.

Meanwhile, Chad’s daughter, Lucy, was eating a tuna sandwich with her field hockey teammates at a post game victory party at her school. She was sitting with Ricky and Alicia at a table, as they are pretty much her BFF’s. Lucy always had a thing for Ricky, but his mind was set on Alicia, and it drove Lucy crazy, but she never let her feelings show. While they were enjoying their meals, Alicia was flirting with Ricky quite a bit. Lucy could not stand it any longer, and was about to finally let her feelings be known when a giant bird beast emerged through the doorway to the gym.

Lucy hid under the desk and prayed for her life. There was no escape as the beast was currently occupying the only exit to the small secondary theatre/gym. She whispered under her breath, please let me and my friends be safe, please.

Chad ran passed the baby bird beast and made it to his car. He drove like a maniac towards his daughter’s school. As he drove accross a small bridge, he glanced off to his side to see an awful scene.

Things were worse than he thought. Extreme urgency flooded Chad’s mind, I have to protect my family.

Will Chad rescue his daughter? Will he come through and protect his family? Find out next time on the bird beast saga.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unbelivable!! The theatere/gym has only one exit! This is a clear violation of fire safety code and i suupose now we can also add violation of bird beast safety code.

    –Louis Poois

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