Jun 26 2013

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BFFs (Low Res)

LarryBrains: A lonedinga of the manjinga commonly found in the diamondinga but often emptinga. Blinga Blinga Blinga!

Snarkster: All of the old white men wanted to look at her but they did everything in their power to avoid her gaze, for they knew if they gave in to her ways they would be burned to a crisp!

ABaum: Queeny queen queen of the nerds. You want them to make diamonds for you? Do you want them to beat off to internet photos of you? Don’t you know it eats your soul? However will you recover?

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2 Responses to BFFs

  1. francine says:

    nice collage dude, you are really great at layering images and blending them together. i want to know more about this woman.

  2. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    I guess that one person that is attached to her head jewelry is actually a man in a dress and she hangs him there as a reminder to other men that they will burn to a crisp. Also, she is a giant.

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