Beef Jerky Tire Fix

Oct 12 2014

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On almost every street in China, you may find a ┬áplace to fix whatever is broke. This street was no exception. It took 3-4 different shops but we finally ended up at the guy who shoves stuff in flat tires. My buddy had rolled over some inch long hunks of metal that ended up working their way into his rear tire. The solution was to pull them out and jam in a longer piece of metal with these goopy rubber jerky sticks. They looked delicious but I wouldn’t recommend eating them. LOL!!!


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2 Responses to Beef Jerky Tire Fix

  1. muhtick says:

    We also use a Chinese man to fix our motor vehicle. His name is Ching. George Ching. And he he talks too much. Despite his verbal diarrhea, he’s got a phenomenal knowledge base and seemingly boundless experience. Soon he will fix an electric motor on our power window Toyota Camry 1986 Luxury Edition.

  2. slippery pete says:

    Dont get me wrong, the man seems competent, but that also looks like chewing gum, ok, do get me wrong.

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