BBQ Eggplant

Mar 05 2013

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s been a long time. Good to be back, let me tell you. I’ve got some good videos but this one is probably the best. Might as well save the best for first. I am still dreaming about how awesome this is but maybe I’m just watching the video over and over. People don’t seem to know this but eggplants are fucking delicious. I know eggplant in more languages than any other word. That’s a lie but not too much of one. ┬áPeople always say “I don’t really like eggplant.” Never trust those people. Eggs are good. Plants are good. Enjoy…

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3 Responses to BBQ Eggplant

  1. Muhtick says:

    This was fantastic. Awesome previously unknown way to me of making eggplant. Love the part when the empty sauce can hits the ground.

  2. francine says:

    That looks amazing. You should learn to make it then make it for us. Eggplants are delicious. Rumour has it though that one of the proprietors of this site does not like eggplants. Shocking I know.

  3. ABaum says:

    I firmly believe that those to whom eggplant is gross can be converted. I will seek to do this at any cost. I have been successful.

    We shall make this eggplant at a cabin in the woods on a lake while the sun sets. It shall be a delight for the senses. Unfortunately, I don’t know if the dirt ground will provide an adequate striking surface for the empty sauce can. I love that sound.

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