Barf Parade

May 16 2009

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I have found a number of really great pictures of people barfing so I thought I would amalgamate them into one magnificent blog post of my top 5 barf photos.

Barf Photo #5

Source: MMOAB

This is a pretty great barf photo. I for one hate barfing. It goes out through my nose and the taste stays in my mouth even after brushing my teeth. It truly does suck. This guy tripled up on the suckage. Let me explain. First off he barfed into his helmet, which keeps the barf nice and close to his face for maximum stench and slime factor. I would suspect he is having trouble breathing in there. Second off, he probably rode his bike to that McDonald’s, so if he doesn’t want to die or get a ticket, he will have to wear the helmet on the way home. Lastly, when he takes off the helmet, the barf is going to smear all up his face and on to his forehead. AWESOME! Oh yeah, and that dog is totally about to eat that barf. I know it, I just know it!

Barf Photo # 4

Source: MMOAB

This guy would make Linda Blair jealous. Look at that glorious thick green stream. I like how he is holding his hand out to the side, almost like he is saying “TAAADAAA!” For his next trick he will wallow in his own barf. I think I just found the source of swine flu.

Barf Photo #3

Source: Puke Planet

This is a fairly popular barf photo. As you can see, the man on the left has just punched a guy in the face and barfed simultaneously. Amazing, I know. On top of that, the barf is shooting out of his nose in two perfect streams. It’s too bad the barf didn’t land on his punching victim; it would have been a double attack. He could make it his special attack, Barf Punch Humiliation. Seriously though, this guy is a loser.

Barf Photo #2

Source: Photobucket

This is by far one of the greatest barfing moments captured on film. I wonder if the barfing kid is intentionally barfing on the kid kneeling down to his right. I like how nobody else in the picture shows any hint of noticing the kid barfing. Maybe it was a stealth barf attack. I just realized that barfing should be incorporated into attacks more often.

Barf Photo #1

Source: Webpages

The picture says it all.
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5 Responses to Barf Parade

  1. Once a Fortnight says:

    Back in fine form I see

  2. Anonymous says:

    MMOAB was my favourite barf photo. I like how he must have been barfing on himself long enough for it to accumllate on his lap and couch to some degree but he is still deciding not to lean forward at all, just accepting his fate and learning to live with failure…good for him.

    –Master Blaster

  3. Richard Bergeron says:

    Yeah, it is a fantastic barf photo.

  4. ConfuzzedGal says:

    hahahaha.. i like the drunk loser.. cos he is a damn loser! hahaha..

  5. Neon Jello Evangelist says:

    He really is a loser.

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