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Apr 22 2009

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You know when you take a nice picture of your friends in a public place, and then when you get home to look at the pictures, you notice some random dude in the background making a face?

The following is a perfect example of what I just described.

Source: Funny Photos

Look at that guy! What a total douche bag, all ruining these lovely ladies’ picture like that. Who would ever do such an awful thing?

Well, I am here to tell you that I have done that awful thing, and this is my background dude story from a couple years back.

One weekend a couple years ago, when I was living in Manitoba, I was lazying about the land leisurely dispensing my good will and enjoyable company on friends and acquaintances alike. I had ventured North of my regular place of residence to visit old friends from college. We spent the afternoon sitting in lawn chairs and drinking beer while reminiscing about adventures and time well wasted from our past.

We then made our way down to a nearby restaurant named the WigWam to enjoy some dinner. It was a nice place with a patio near the beach. After engaging in casual conversation and drinking alchoholic beverages, a friend and I were enjoying some wraps and I noticed that the table across from us was about to take a group picture. It just so happened that I was framed right in the center of the group, but off in the background. At this point I decided that it would be absolutely hilarious to make a messed up face so that when they got home and checked out the picture, they would see me in the background and be totally baffled and just shake their heads and say “who the hell is that guy?.” I don’t have the actual photo, but it probably looked something like this.

The giant Sea Monster that loves to party is me in the background. I am fairly certain the actual photo looked exactly like this one.

So as it turned out, my plan was foiled as I had forgotten about the recent advances in technology giving you the ability to instantly check out pictures after you take them. I watched as they squinted their eyes at the LCD on their camera and then collectively focused their attention on me with a number of fingers pointing in my direction. Luckily it seemed as if they saw the humor in the joke and just started laughing. Though, just to be sure, my friend and I hastily left the restaurant before there was any opportunity to have a face to face confrontation.

That’s my background dude story. To end this post I would like to leave you with a photo in which everyone in the photo looks like a background dude. It is quite fantastic.

Source: Travel Blog
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2 Responses to Background Dudes

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think background dude in photo 1 is the only thing salvaging that photo from the vanity project being perpetrated to the foreground.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i wonder how many times i’ve been a background dude. i’m not aware of any, but i’m always making a funny face so there is a distinct possibility of such a photos existence. i also wonder how many photos of me there are that have been taken by strangers. isn’t that creepy. strangers could be looking through their photos of you at any moment. like right now maybe.

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