Jul 14 2012

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Larrybrains: A man or woman of undisclosed identity may be compelled to inform me of some information that I am not privy to and I will take this information with a grain of salt. I will put the salt into my nostril and then shoot it out by holding one finger on the non salt grain nostril. If the grain lands face up, I will believe the information I just received from said man or woman. Face down, I destroy them.

ABaum: Everyone can and should tell you anything. It is your responsibility to not listen to them. Some people look like they can hand you the secrets of the universe. Others are like psychotic bunnies attached to the necks of wild stallions. Each should be ignored at one time or another.

Snarkster: Anyone can can tell me that the earth is flat, but I would only believe a select few.

Pee-Cut: (Pending)

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2 Responses to Analysis

  1. francine says:

    Cool collage dood. I like the tones. That psychotic neck bunny looks very trustworthy. I’d probably believe it if it told me the earth was flat.

  2. Jammy Teets says:

    Stone wings, horse, bunny, man, more stone wings, tracts of land, a black hole earth blob, even more stone wings, yellow tinted water – these are all things I see in this collage. Good work.

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