Aug 19 2012

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Muhtick: What’s revolting?

Amy: It really bothers me when people talk about driving their quads through streams.

Muhtick: Is that a common topic where you are at?

Amy: They talk a lot about how they ripped through something.

Muhtick: But that specific brag is common, like, taking a quad through a stream, its like a high level brag?

Amy: Ya its an awesome rip, ya.

Muhtick: If someone said, ‘i just burned through a river on a quad’ and some other guy was there who wanted to trump him, what activity would trump that activity?

Amy: They would probably bring up something about how they ripped their sled across a stream in the winter.

Muhtick: Oh, are sleds better than quads?

Amy: I dont know, it just seems like that would be even cooler.

Muhtick: Automatics or revolvers?

Amy: Revolvers, there is something about thinking about the chamber moving, kind of cool.

Muhtick: What do you do automatically?

Amy: Blink, breathe.

Muhtick: How frequently do you subscribe and apply the do unto others philosophy?

Amy: I try to be decent and fair to people, cause i dont want people to be dinks to me. Id say fairly, but there are some exceptions. I dont know, sometimes when people are a little passive aggressive towards me, i guess im the same way, I dont know, or if im in a bitchy mood, P.M.essing, ill just…..

Muhtick: Just like, fuck em?

Amy: Ya.

Muhtick: What radio frequency do you remember most?

Amy: Im trying to think of the zone, 91.3. Oooooor 107.3, when i was a kid, it was a Seattle station.

Muhtick: What were they called?

Amy: I dont remember, but they played a lot of Alice in Chains, Beasties.

Muhtick: Is lady ga ga related to radio ga ga?

Amy: Potentially, maybe its part of a namesake, i dont think so tho.

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6 Responses to Amy

  1. francine says:

    I’ve gotta say, I totally disagree with Amy. Talking about ripping your quads through stuff is the COOLEST!

  2. Magic Face says:

    I rip my quads every time I work out! ZING!

  3. workin' on it says:


  4. workin' on it pt.2 says:

    I didn’t realize I said “I don’t know” so often. I do speak with pretense of punctuated sentences though (not tho).

    I’m not a idiot, I swear.

  5. Slippery Pete says:

    ^ HEHEHHEHEHE…………HEHEHE…..snort.

  6. ms. fabulous says:

    piece of shit interview, worst one ever.



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