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Mar 01 2014

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New jacket for Muhtick. This is the Colette Albion pattern. It’s a straight size medium, jacket length but with a lining. It sadly turned out too narrow across the upper back, but at least it looks good when he’s standing still. Just doesn’t work well when he’s driving or using his arms in any way…


This was one of those christmas presents that was like “I haven’t made it yet, but I will make this for you at some point.” It is now March, and the jacket is finally finished.

I was inspired by this lovely jacket that he had bought at some fancy boutique in Gastown, the reason to make another being that the jacket shrrrrunk after being cold water washed and hung to dry! So I wanted to make him a replacement. The original jacket was sort of a denimy chambray type material. I found this dark grey light weight Italian denim at Fabricana, and I actually really liked the reverse side, which is a paler grey. The fabric has been pre-washed and dried. No more shrinking!


The lining is actually cotton ticking meant for down comforters. It is really dense and smooth, and reminiscent of the original jacket’s lining. I added an inner welt pocket for Muhtick’s tablet. His old nexus 7 screen just cracked, which was a bummer, but good news is he just got the new nexus 7 to replace it.


He’s not much of a toggle man, so I put in a zipper instead. It was his idea to go with yellow as an accent colour. I think it looks pretty good with the grey.


Button snaps are to come for the top and bottom of the front placket and the hood overlap. I ordered these pretty cool snaps and a tool to install them from an etsy supplier based in Hong Kong, and the snaps got here after a month of waiting, but the tool that arrived was the wrong one! The seller is sending me the correct one, but it will probably be another month before I get it.


Back view



I added a bias flat piping sort of strip to the back yoke for an accent. I used the ‘right side’ of the material for dark accents throughout (piping, front facing, inner hood, front pocket).




Closeup of the zip. I got a pretty nice one at dressew with a leather pull. I sandwiched it in the facing rather than following the sewalong instructions that leave the zipper tape exposed.  I think it looks pretty sharp.


Muhtick also isn’t an inseam pocket kinda guy, so I just added a front side welt pocket with a zipper for him to keep small items in (keys, bus pass, etc).


Zipper closure


Another mod was to extend the hood front so that it overlaps at the centre, and to add a drawstring. The drawstring is a round elastic. Installed a couple grommets then added a toggle and a bead as a stopper. I think it looks pretty pro.


Also used ribbing for the cuff rather than a button tab at Muhtick’s request.

That is all.

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17 Responses to Albion jacket

  1. Muhtick says:

    I like the jacket. I feel cool in it. I look at other people around me and think “you wish”. My monstrously overly crazily muscled back muscles are too much for the jacket at times but when im holstering the guns in the pant pockets, things are quite kosher. No need for a revamp, give this lady the prize of compliments.

  2. chris says:

    Awesome jacket. Good job.

  3. Anne says:

    The jacket is totally cool!! And the very many details.. I can only guess about the amount of work you put into this, but I think I will see soon, my boyfriend requests a coat from this pattern, with nearly the same alterations…

  4. Luther Vandross says:

    Holy smitherines! That’s a nice looking jacket, I must say. Straight lines impress me a lot and those there are many. Well sewn! I also am requesting a coat from this pattern with the exact same alterations from my tailor, your better half…the Chinese!

  5. Cheryl says:

    I *love* this Albion–so many nice touches, and I especially like the ribbing finish on the sleeves. Too bad about the shoulder fit–I hope it’s loose enough to be wearable around town.

    • Muhtick says:

      The jacket is wearable around downtown, but by midtown it gets a bit tight. Once i hit the suburbs its like im being crushed into a crazy-person-arms-tied-around-the-waist-jacket-for-the-crazies.

  6. Helen says:

    Hi – have found your blog via the Albion competition on Colette. I just wanted to say, that I think this is amazing. The finish is superb and it looks beautifully professional. Well done and congrats on a well deserved second place. This is the sort of quality that I hope one day to achieve! Thanks for being an inspiration.

    • Muhtick says:

      Helen, your generous comments will not be forgotten. They can, however, not be taken in earnest unless we know what you loath. Please detail what you hold in contempt and disgust and then we can decide whether your praise should be taken seriously. Sincerely yours, the man in the photos.

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