Welcome to Setsubset.com

Setsubset.com is a series of blogs, photo blogs and podcasts written/hosted by 4 friends, The Snarkster, Muhtick, Abaum and Larrybrains, who are also members of the band Setsubset. Some of the music from Setsubset is featured on this blog; however, most of the content is unrelated to our music.

The blog is broken up into a few main sections:

This is a bicycle review blog. It is written by The_Snarkster and she is pretty rad.


That says “METAPAUSE: THE END OF CREATION”. This is where Muhtick posts his art, Interviews, and music.


A podcast by Abaum hosted from China featuring obscure vinyl recordings, stories, anecdotes and some music by Abaum and his band.


A weekly comic written by larrybrains.


That is all. We are glad you found us. Enjoy!

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