Apr 26 2012

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Muhtick: Are you into shrimp?

ABaum: Yes, I am into shrimp.

Muhtick: What do you like about shrimp?

ABaum: I think i like theeeeee, potentially disgusting way that people feel about the coating of shrimp, the skeleton, and how they wont eat it, but i always eat it so i can eat shrimp much faster than the average person and so enjoy it more.

Muhtick: What was your favorite scene in Forest Gump?

ABaum: The war scene. Where he runs everyone out of the forest. Its a mixture of comedy and drama.

Muhtick: He save Lt. Dan in that scene right?

ABaum: Yeah, and he saves everyone.

Muhtick: And then Lt. Dan comes back and resents him for saving him right?

ABaum: Yeah probably a little bit of a Valhalla complex.

Muhtick: How do you feel about the contemporary representation of retards?

ABaum: I haven’t seen “hows your news”. In a way all reality shows are somewhat bent towards our view of retards. We like to see our flaws magnified in other people to make us feel better about ourselves.

Muhtick: What does “represent”mean?

ABaum: I sometimes feel petty and kind of like a dick by the way im treating people, and if i see someone on tv being a dick, more than me or about the same, i can kind of connect with that and say ok maybe im not so bad. In that way he is representing that side of me. Its an impossible question to answer at this moment.

Muhtick: How mean have you been?

ABaum: Ive been really mean, oh i dont know, like uh, just purposefully making people feel bad even though they are trying to have a good time.

Muhtick: What is the best bean youve seen?

ABaum: I would say, the best bean ive seen, would be not a bean at all but like a seed pod that you cant really eat, but from the trees, they hang down really long.

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3 Responses to ABaum

  1. francine says:

    Some real insight in this interview. Thank you. I think the best thing about shrimp is the poo down their backs.

  2. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    I was just going to mention the poo line down their backs! Abaum, do you eat their little legs as well?

  3. wonderfulitis says:

    i hate shrimp.

    the end.

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