Nov 11 2012

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Muhtick: What is your preferred day to day attire?

ABaum: A button up shirt, usually long sleeve, maybe roll it up some days if it was hot out, and a nicely tailored pant.

Muhtick: What fabric would the pant be made out of, and also what fabric on the shirt?

Abaum: I guess I cant have linen on both.

Muhtick: Sure you can, linen suits, people wear stuff like that. I guess you are imagining you are living in a hot climate?

Abaum: Mhmmm.

Muhtick: When was the last time you changed a tire?

Abaum: Maybe a week ago, or no, two weeks ago. On the, that Chinese bike that I brought back, it was flat so we had to repair it.

Muhtick: Did you have to get a specific Chinese part, or was it a common part?

Abaum: Well it was a 28 inch tube, but we just took a 26 inch and stretched it.

Muhtick: What would you have fun turning into?

Abaum: Uhmmmm…..Sam Merlot, cause then I could turn into anything.

Muhtick: Have you seen the movie Turner and Hooch?

Abaum: Yes I have.

Muhtick: What do you remember most about the movie?

Abaum: Tom Hanks and a big slobbery dog.

Muhtick: Did you find the dog extremely revolting?

Abaum: No, I think it farted and snorted a lot, but it just seemed cute.

Muhtick: That was before the rise of Tom Hanks heh?

Abaum: He was just doing the comedy movies, and being like, the, I don’t know, who would be the Tom Hanks now? Owen Wilson might be the Tom Hanks at some point.,just a lovable character in movies, but then Tom kinda took away from that.

Muhtick: Was Philadelphia his big break?

Abaum: I think Philadelphia was his ‘check it out, im gonna do a controversial role’

Muhtick: Have you ever pinched any hootch?

Abaum: Yeah.

Muhtick: When was the last time you pinched some hootch?

Abaum: It was probably in high school, and this guy who I didn’t really like for no real reason,because often I just see somebody and I just hate them, and so I hated this guy and me and my friends stole a bunch of beer from the fridge that was his.

Muhtick: So it was a party at his house?

Abaum: No it was a party it this other girls house and he apparently knew it was us and we were like, fuck that.

Muhtick: Who do you think tipped him off?

Abaum : I just think its because we were the only idiots there who would have stolen his beer.

Muhtick: Did you guys ever come to a head?

Abaum: No

Muhtick: He just kinda faded away?

Abaum: Yeah, I dont know, I hope he doesn’t still hate me for it.

Muhtick: How much of a penny pincher are you?

Abaum: Hmmm, depends, when it comes to a big purchase I will be quite, well not necessarily penny pincher but ill try to make sure I buy the best thing I can at that time, and dont over pay. A lot of the times I just throw away stupid amounts of money on drinking, so I cant be that much of a penny pincher. When I buy something I want it to last, but alcohol never lasts so you might as well waste all of your money on it.

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2 Responses to ABaum

  1. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    Good interview. I especially enjoyed the last sentence.

  2. francine says:

    Great interview. Abaum seems very wise with his disposition to money. I can also relate to hating people for no reason. I usually make up my mind within the first 10 seconds of meeting them. The most memorable movie scene ever of any movie is one of a slobbery dog tearing apart car upholstery.

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