Abandoned Prison

Jan 19 2010

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Hello my legions of loyal followers and passerby folk alike. I have not posted on this blog in quite some time due to some unexplainable aversion to blogging. I think it’s a viral thing. I will call it blogaphobia. With a little bit of help from my friends, I decided it was time to overcome my fear of this blog and write some sort of post for it. So here it is.

On Christmas day my brother-in-law and I were very bored, so he suggested we make a visit to the local abandoned prison. This is what we saw.


It was very dark and my phone doesn’t have a flash on the camera so the lighting is entirely from a small flashlight rendering the photo into a state of crappiness. Above we see some of the artwork that the prisoners did in the art room. My personal favorite is the terradactyl which is entirely due to the shear number of razor sharp teeth in it’s beak. Look at all those teeth!

The following are some pictures of the interior of the cells. These are inscriptions made by the prisoners on their beds. I believe this was a minimum security prison so somehow they were able to sneak carving tools into their cells, possibly from the art room. Take a look.

 There were a number of outbuildings including a church, wood shop and mechanics shop. Inside the mechanics shop there were some paintings done on the walls of various autos by some car enthusiast artistic prisoner.


 While searching deeper into the prison, we found a number of cells that appeared to be solitary confinement.

Within one of the cells, we made a frightening discovery. 

An angry inmate left behind. He tried to grab at us and begged for food and such, but we were well aware that those in solitary confinement are not afforded such luxuries.

Now that you have seen these lovely photos and taken this tour with me, you too can say:

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4 Responses to Abandoned Prison

  1. margiwarg says:

    whew! that was a thrill ride. glad i survived it!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a terrifying lunatic in that cell. I wouldn't get my asshole near his cell even if i was severely constipated.

  3. Bun says:

    The angry inmate looks like one confused zombie.

  4. Claudia Lawrence says:

    Hi, good snap & nice blog, i will visit ur blog regularly, i think u should go for this link to increase visitor. BTW keep posting & happy blogging.

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