A Sad Day for Liberty

Nov 05 2012

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A good day to show some trapped roaches. You may not have noticed but one of my videos has been Banned on TV(r). I was really excited to watch the stats of my Pigeon Beheading video grow and be popular from Syria to Canada (Syrians and Egyptians are early adopters of beheading videos – who knew?). Alas, Google did not think it followed community guidelines. I feel like going on a YouTube-wide inappropriate flag-a-thon of any video showing how to skin, gut, fillet etc. and get them removed. I suppose they don’t show twitching heads. But still, a big “lamesville” to Google and the person who flagged it. I sure hope people don’t feel the same about cockroach cruelty. Maybe since this is educational, it’ll make the cut. Enjoy.

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4 Responses to A Sad Day for Liberty

  1. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    Funny post. Also, cockroaches are evil. Kill them all!. Also, throw that pigeon beheading video into sharsies and we will post it back onto our site WITHOUT google’s help.

    • ABaum says:

      I was just going to stick it to the man by posting the video to a Chinese equivalent. Chinese people don’t care about pigeons. Or maybe they do. It can be an experiment.

  2. francine says:

    Awesome DIY! I think that it is a pickle jar makes it that much better!

    Also, I think that is the lamest that your video got taken down. I didn’t eve think it was that graphic. More people need to face the fact that any meat they are eating were once live animals, and chances are it had a worse death than that pigeon did.

    Today, I was reading a blog that brought my attention to this crazy video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JKZcf0KBo-U

    It is from a youtube channel that seems to be entirely devoted to people jacking off animals or animals having sex. So a bestiality fetishist’s channel is ok, but the pigeon video wasn’t. Maybe if they jacked off the pigeon first it would have been allowed.

  3. slippery pete says:

    So many acronyms! That’s some fine killing you got going on there. I’m currently conducting a genocide campaign against my basement spiders. I will be using glue traps and small pieces of dirt that stab the spiders and make them dry wither and die from the inside out. Then I will masterbate the spiders and post them on YouTube.

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