A Matter of Robotics

Aug 28 2012

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Can a robot which is aware of its own programming change its program?

If the robot is programmed by a person, then the person who built the robot determines whether the robot has permission to rewrite its own code.

If the robot is assigned write permission, it can change its programming.

If the robot has write permission, could the robot then remove a part of its programming associated with write permission?

Could this only happen if the robot was given authority to access its write permission programing?

Are we lords of our creation?

I’m off to smite my old hard-drive.

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4 Responses to A Matter of Robotics

  1. francine says:

    Of course we are the lords of our creations! What the real question should be is: when exactly is this robot maids thing going to happen!?!

  2. Luther Vandross says:

    I’m more waiting for robot sex slaves to be honest. Perhaps we can have combination maid sex slaves. Roombas are kind of like robot maids. I can’t believe Walt violated the sanctity of the Roomba. I wouldn’t have sex with a Roomba. Even with a special attachment they move around too much.

  3. Slippery Pete says:

    The bristles hurt my erect penis.

  4. Magic Face says:

    I am also still waiting for robot maids. Check this out:


    I wonder how much is scripted. There are other videos with him having conversations with people. He says scary, terrifying things.

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