A Horse Named Earl

Apr 12 2009

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Lets discuss the horse in the ground.

To the left you see a picture of a girl with a prosthetic limb dressed like she is about to star in a fetish porno.

If you look to the left of the dazzling young lady, you see what appears to be a horse poking its head up through a square hole in the ground. Crazy right? For the remainder of this post, try to disregard the girl in the foreground. She is not the focus here. I repeat, she is not the focus and I will not mention her again. In analyzing this photo, lets assume that it was not altered in any way. This begs the question: Why would a horse be in a hole in the yard?
The only logical explanation is that there is an underground stable for the horse. The owners are probably unable to properly fence their yard due to some Nazi zoning bylaws in their area. As such, the horse, whom I will name Earl, is destined to spend his life in the confines of a dark and lonely underground cell while little miss peg leg gallivants around for the camera in her pretty pink outfit. It goes without saying that she probably got her rich father to buy her a pony a few years back and now she neglects it due to her prospering porn star career. The poor horse looks on from it’s viewing port, wishing, just wishing that Peggy will pay attention to him, even a glance will suffice, but alas Peggy has no time for the insufferable beast. After this photo was taken, Peggy skips off to a seedy motel while earl slumps down in his hole and dreams of the days when the pretty girl above ground came down to visit him. She loved him once. He can only hope that she will again. Maaaaaaaan, I got way off track here.

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3 Responses to A Horse Named Earl

  1. matek says:

    I feel sorry for Earl. But i really feel sorry for the girl. She obviously doesn’t realize that the pursuit of porn excellence and stardom is not worth the destruction of a profound and close relationship with a horse.

  2. Richard Bergeron says:

    A bond with an animal can be just as close as one with a human. These poor beasts.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If she wanted to make the real money she would bang the horse.

    LOL. Or maybe that is how she lost the leg????


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