A Beautiful Vomit

Apr 12 2009

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While strolling down the sidewalk with a few friends on some busy street in Victoria, we came across this amazing scene.

Naturally, we took a photo with my high tech mobile media device. In this photo, we have a whitish splatter of what appears to be barf accompanied by a bright pink child’s doll. The two clash with one another to the highest degree. I really enjoy looking at this photo. The doll is so bright, innocent and angelic, yet it is abandoned in the street next to a putrid mess, face down with a few locks of platinum blond hair flowing out the side. The barf on the other hand, is absolutely vile. Looking at it for prolonged periods of time turns my face to a grimace and induces a nauseated feeling, but I also can’t help but appreciate it’s elegance. The radius of the splatter is huge, indicating that the vomit hit with a considerable force. I would suspect that the barfer incurred a fair bit of splash back. I also can’t help but notice that the barf kind of looks like a puffy cloud, like one of those ones you could make shapes out of. I see a great warrior emerging from a cloud of smoke with sunlight glistening off his armor. What do you see?

I sometimes wonder what came first, the barf or the doll. I like to think neither, and that they are directly related to one another. Maybe a child violently vomited and in the process dropped the doll next to the pile. The mother of the child, overly concerned with germs, insisted that the child leave the doll. The child breaks out in tears and screams while the evil caregiver drags her away. The possibilities are endless.

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9 Responses to A Beautiful Vomit

  1. sourcherry119 says:

    It’s people like us that make the world interesting, that can actually see a bit of beauty in something like vomit!

    You’re right, something so vile and disgusting against something so innocent and content is quite the combination and really can contrast each other.

    I’d say there’s a child out there somewhere who isn’t eating much candy this Easter, but will be thankful for the new doll they’re getting..

  2. Space says:

    It’s pretty obvious someone ate a doll whole – and it made them barf

  3. cebelina says:

    c’mon admit it you ate the doll, hurled violently and took a picture, then wrote about it for us. Just looking at the meatbaby is enuf to make any true vegan hurl! you’re track record with dolls is getting a bit spooky here! lol…meatbaby…vomitdoll ! guys and dolls and soon it’ll be a pinky! and well I’m sure you can come up with some bodily fluid to well…Fess up, “there’s no way to delay that trouble coming up ahead!” (frankie zappa gave us that gem!)

  4. Richard Bergeron says:

    @soulcherry119: couldn’t have said it better.

    @Space: It is entirely possible

    @cebelina: That scene is not set up and the photo is totally genuine. Pinky swear.

  5. Angela Lovell says:

    How many times I have told you that cannibalism is still illegal? Next time will you get rid of the evidence?

  6. matek says:

    I remember that one. I see a horses head with an orange pirate eye patch, also the horse has exploding yellow hair.

  7. Richard Bergeron says:

    @matek: That’s totally rad. I wish I could see that too. Is the leaf the eye patch?

  8. matek says:

    Yes it is, and the snout is just to the right, you can see two clear nose holes and then the hair is to the left of the puddle. There are some teeth below the nose holes.

  9. Richard Bergeron says:

    I can’t see it. I tried so hard, but now I also see a blow fish that is exploding.

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