A Barbeque Review

Mar 27 2013

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Good day, friends

We are gathered here today to watch a relatively long video consisting of one man eating a large variety of meat. There are sometimes vegetables wrapped in meat or sandwiched by meat but those moments are few and far between. Enjoy the tastiness you’ll not be eating. I recommend turning it up in order to delight in the sounds of chewing.

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8 Responses to A Barbeque Review

  1. slippery pete says:

    The chicken foot is a total horror show, especially when you rotate it for the camera and it shakes with your hands. Also a horror show is the floral backdrop, this video is repulsive and mouthwatering at the same time, well done. It also reminded me of this a bit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mze4hYGwag

    • ABaum says:

      A comment from you about my What Did I Eat This Week? segment inspired these food reviews. That comment was about Leonard also. I do enjoy that man. Glad you liked the floral print. That hotel was super awesome. I loved that little ledge and the curtains. One thing I’d like to say is, “I don’t have shaky hands!”

  2. francine says:

    Bacon wrapped enoki!! We are having a bbq this weekend, the first of the year. I think I’m inspired! I also noticed the floral background but found it soothing rather than repulsive. I did wonder why you had such a thing in your apartment, but now i see that you were in a hotel.

    • ABaum says:

      Did you bacon wrap those enoki? Fantastically delicious. I believe I ordered them when we had our sushi feast that one year…

  3. Muhtick@slippery pete says:

    Part of the ‘Nadsat’ vocabulary used by Alex in Anothony Burgess’ Novel ‘A Clockwork Orange’, Horrorshow was derived by Burgess from the russian word ‘Khorosho’ meaning well or good.
    real horrorshow (very good)

  4. larrybrains larrybrains says:

    I too was repulsed by the floral background and the chicken feet. I cringed when I heard you crunch through the toes. The rest of the food looked absolutely delicious, especially the hangy bbq meats.

    • ABaum says:

      The hangy meats were by far the greatest of all the meats. They were also the most expensive. I think it was 20 yuan for the skewer which is essentially 1/3rd of the whole meal cost. Worth every penny.

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